Saturday, July 29, 2006

Metotts great secret pal-July

Thank you so much for all the neat gifts this month. Sorry I am posting so late here but havent had time to get the picture on here. What a wonderful suprise to also get a second gift addressed to our little Miah. The outfit made me cry and I have it hanging in the nursery to be to remind me that she will be home soon (and also motivate me to get that nursery done). The feeding supplies are great and will work wonderful for a 18-19 month old. The patriotic bid was so cute. The plate/bowl/spoons and sippy cups will be great for her. The boys appreciated the snack/treats and I had to wrestle them away to get the picture before they were gone. THANKS SO MUCH. You are a wonderful secret pal and I cant wait to know who you are and thank you by name. So for now: THANK YOU SECRET PAL!!!
Dawn, Michael, Matthew, Zachary, and Miah (LOI 7/18/06-Nanning City)


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