Thursday, August 31, 2006

Greetings from a new Clark Family!!!

Hi Everyone! We are so excited to join this group! I am Tiffany (34) and my DH is Will(39). We are LID 3/28/06. I am a "retired" teacher and stay at home mom of 3. Will is an electrical/mechanical engineer and works for AFLAC at their world headquarters here in our home town of Columbus, GA. Yep- we are Georgia peaches! ( Even have a peanut farm!) Will has hardly left the South but I was raised up and down the Eastern region from Ohio to Florida. We have been married almost 13 years.

Any of you guys watch the little league World Series! That's OUR BOYS!! We are so so proud!

As I mentioned, we have 3 precious children: Adams - age 10 1/2, Reames- age 9, and MaggieRuth- age 7. Of course they are all beautiful and smart! Their combined activities include football, soccer, tennis, scouts, piano, AWANA, and I'm sure I'm leaving something out! Whew! I'm tired!! They all attend a public, charter International Baccalaureate school. Very cool place- lots of languages and cultures. They also attend a school for the gifted but they didn't get ANY of that from me! (grace of God!)

We have 2 Labrador Retrievers: a 3 year old black named "Amos" and a 13 year old white names "Moses". Although I love these guys, I am NOT what you would consider an animal person. (I know- God's gonna get me) In fact- I was relieved when we recently held a funeral for our 3 yr old gerbils (whose names changed with the seasons). If they had chewed up one more old prom gown in the back of my closet, it was gonna be a premature death anyway!

So- we have requested a little girl between the ages of 6 and 24 months.

Like all of my other children, her name will be a family one. Ruby (after my great grandmother). Her middle name is up for debate-Camille, Lisbeth, Miranda, or Frances. We will also keep part of her Chinese name as well. (Long names are common here)

Ruby's nursery is yellow, red, and green. Lots of tulips and lady bugs of course. We also love polkadots. I have made much of the bedding (red gingham) and artwork for the walls. We are NOT into cartoon characters at all.

Likes-reading, walking, sewing, family time, red shoes, and trekking at our farm or water skiing at the river, National Geographic, peanut M&M's, Sprite, really good food (I come from a family of professional chefs/"foodies"), tulips, making lists, nifty/neat containers for organizing stuff, internet /catalog shopping, ANYTHING monogrammed or personalized, fridge magnets from touristy places, ric rac & ribbons, funky accessories

Dislikes-yardwork, candles, Harry Potter & magic, bad customer service, roses, McDonald's, lengthy decision making, baseball, tactless people, shopping at the mall

Hobbies-Sewing,(smocking, heirloom, quilting, home dec.), scrapbooking, organizing anything, I am starting a Mandarin class, arts & crafts

Collections-squishes (for my 100 good wishes quilt), paperdolls, silhouettes, tiny boxes of any kind, Madame Alexander dolls, novelty items with rabbits, dragonflies and ladybugs, Liberty fabric, old buttons , bags & purses

Favorite scent or fragrance- clean laundry! (I am allergic to most perfumes, candles, etc.)

Author/Book-Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Diana Gabaldon, Beverly Lewis, Mary Doria Russell, historical fiction, anything about China, Ruby's Wish (child's book)

Movie/TV-we don't watch TV but I love a good action adventure or comedy film sometimes. I love the movies 'Some Kind of Wonderful' and 'Say Anything' and 'Breakfast Club'

Music-Rascal Flatts, Jack Johnson, Enya, JAMES TAYLOR, Christian groups like Mercy Me, Bebo Norman(I went to school with him), Steven Curtis Chapman, Toby Mac, Rebecca St. James

Things not many people know about me-my laundry has NEVER been caught up, my great grandparents were killed in a German concentration camp, I hide my M&M's from my kids, I grew up living in hotels, my little brother was run over by the same car 3 times- (and we still tell him that's what's wrong with him!), my mom is German and lives up to every stereotype there is about cleaning and bad tempers.

The only other information I can think of that might be helpful : we are very conservative. I like to be different and often make choices to the opposite of what everyone else is doing-the older I get, the more that seems to be happening. Our tastes are taylored but eclectic. We recently helped start a new church and are devoted to the Lord and His Gospel. Also- in personal protest of the long wait for China- i am growing my hair out and plan to cut it when we get our referral-Planning on donating it to 'Locks for Love'.

Thanks everyone- looking forward to getting to know everyone!


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