Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pie' Family Secret Pal Gifts

Wow! We got 2 boxes in the mail from our secret pal yesterday. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We love everything. The "new life" figurine is my favorite. It immediately found a home on our mantle. What a joy it will be to look at each day, and think of our sweet Torie.

The boys went nuts for their "Cars" art sets. They just love that movie and they're always talking about Mater and Lightning McQueen, and competing to win Piston Cups. Before I could finish unpacking the boxes, Justin and Nicholas had grabbed a piece of paper and a seat at the table, opened their art sets, and began to get creative. They were so sad when I told them it was nap time. They just wanted to keep drawing. They also went crazy for the candy. They had those opened even before the art supplies. Many thanks from Justin and Nicholas. The cats also said Mee-Ow (translates to "Thank you so much for the treats. You are spoiling us.")

The bib is just absolutely adorable! We got so many cool mealtime supplies for Torie. Now we can't wait to help her use them. Most of these are going in the China trip bag! Nicholas is excited about the cheerios container. He keeps talking about "Torie's Cheerios container". He takes it all over, and we even lost it for a little while. But he knew where it was.

Everything is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much.
The Pie' Family


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