Saturday, September 02, 2006

Thank You Awesome Pie' Family Secret Pal!!!

Thank you so much for all of the great gifts you sent!! The boys went nuts for their gifts and were so excited about all of the "Cars" gifts. I couldn't pull the Mater and Lightning McQueen cars away from them for the picture, Sorry:) They have been playing with them constantly since we opened the package, they even brought them into the bath the first night and each of them slept with one. We were away and came back a couple of days ago and are finally getting caught up, so I apologize for the delay in posting. Thank you so much for all of the travel gifts. I especially love the little toilet paper rolls! From my understanding of China public bathrooms, these will come in very handy. The games will great on that really long plane ride!! All of the gifts went right into the suitcase that we are gradually filling with all of the stuff we need to bring. Hopefully our TA will come soon!! I know Torie will look so cute in the adorable Butterfly PJs you sent. Our agency is saying that we may have to wait until Oct/Nov for our TA (we are already on day 87 of our TA wait), but will definitely post as soon as it comes and will send you a picture of her once she comes home. Thank you so much for helping this wait to be more fun!!! We really appreciate all that you have done for our family!!
The Pie' Family


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