Sunday, October 29, 2006

March 2006 DTC Secret Pal Gift Exchange

March 2006 DTC Secret Pal Gift Exchange

I wanted to thank my Secret Pals for the wonderful gifts they sent this month. I look so forward to their box. Every month they choose a charity to donate to in our name and it is always so exciting to see that they choose the ones that we would donate to. This month it was the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Awesome! We also received a couple of books about the Moon Festival (one for kids and one for me). We also received the book that the library bought in our name last month. I haven't gotten to start it yet. I am still reading the book you sent me last month about the three women in China. Can't remember the title, but the book is fantastic. Oh and I love Terry Garlock! I have his Melanie & Me book and it's great, but I had never seen the Moon Festival story he did. Thank you for that> All in all, several great reads. You are awesome. I am an avid reader so books are very dear to my heart.

Marsha, Larry & Courtney


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