Friday, December 15, 2006

Metott's wonderful secret pal-Julie & Scott Sosnowski

Thank you so very much Julie and Scott for being the most wonderful secret pals! We have truly loved everything you picked out for us and it has made this wait bearable getting a special gift every month. I would love to continue but with our little girl coming home (hopefully) any day now, I dont feel I can keep up with this swap. You have been wonderful to us and it was so nice of you to always include my boys in your gifts (was not necessary, but very much appreciated). I did not post what you sent to the boys in this months picture because they had already opened the gift and are playing with them. They absolutely love Thomas right now and are actually having a 'Thomas' birthday party this weekend. The outfit and bibs are so cute and we cant wait to see Miah playing with the toy. You didnt have to include the 'coming home' and 'state' secret pal gifts but they are also greatly appreciated and we loved the Illinois book (maybe we will have to visit there someday) and Chicago playing cards. My favorite has to be the ladybug necklace. It is beautiful and I will treasure it always. Im going to put one of the most recent pictures of Miah in the frame and look at it every minute I can until she comes home. Once again I have LOVED being your secret pal and you sent the most perfect gifts. Yours have been the first gifts we have gotten for Miah and I will treasure them always. I plan to print all of the pictures we have taken with each months gifts and keep them with the cards you sent so that one day she will be able to see how much others cared about her and her family while we waited for her. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.
Dawn, Michael, Matthew, Zachary and Miah


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