Tuesday, December 12, 2006

To the McMillan Family

Dear McMillan Family,
It was bittersweet to open your box this afternoon. Happy because I have so enjoyed all the thoughtfulness and love that has gone into each package, including this one. Each box has been packed to the brim with thoughtful things for our precious baby and for us. We always felt like we were opening a treasure chest filled with surprises as we pulled one thing after another out of each box. Sad because I have felt that we had a heart-connection, instead of just a mere pairing of names. Each month, I felt like you knew us; and sometimes it seemed a little strange, but we sensed it was that in our hearts, we were the same. And as your identity was revealed, and I had a chance to look at your website, I understand now why our hearts were so well matched.
We would like to thank you for all our gifts, and our time on this journey together. I pray that we will meet one day - hopefully in China in 2007. Your LID is only 3 days behind ours, so there is a good possibility we will be in China at the same time. We can add that to our prayer list.
Thank you for all you have done for us, and I hope that our Mary Rose will remain in your prayers as your Leilani will be in ours.

In Him,
Brenda & Jose Perez


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