Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thank you from Dave and Di to our wonderful Secret Pals!

What a great day to receive your gift. My furry little boy, Jasper, had his urinary tract blocked. Scary day, because it can kill your kitty really quickly. Luckily, his absolute fear of being at the vet caused him to force out the blockage during the x-ray. (Not quite so lucky for the vet as for my little Jasper!) He had nothing untoward on the xray, so he came home with me tonight and we found your present waiting!
I am so disappointed I cannot post a picture this time. My sister is trying to find a home for an abandoned puppy (anyone in the Los Angeles area and need a sweet little dog that looks like Peetie?), so she has commandeered the digital camera. I will post a photo as soon as she returns it.
Anyway, we were so fortunate to receive great gifts:
Huggies Baby wipes that made my husband say, "Oh my gosh it's real now; we're going to have to diaper!"
My favorite, brightly colored toddlers' fork and spoon set
these really cool things called Link-a-doos that let you hook baby toys to anything!
A Johnson's gift set of travel-sized baby shampoo, etc. (I love the smell of Johnson's)
Huggies disposable washcloths, and insulated travel sippy cups.
I take pictures of everything to put in Sophie's Lifebook, so as soon as I can, I will post here. I know it will mean a lot to her some day to look and see what her first friends in the USA gave her.
Thanks so much again!
Love, Dave, Di, Chad, Austin, and, thankfully, Jasper!


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