Saturday, May 24, 2008

we have been doubly blessed by our secret pals--Thanks Molly Pina!!!

We have had the fortune of having had an extremely wonderful secret pal the past 2 years. We want to thank Molly Pina so much for putting up with my ever-late thank yous!!! We also want you to know that some of the wonderful gifts you have sent are being boxed up right now to go to our little Will in China. He is going to appreciate your kindness so much! And our future little girl will as well. The girly things have been tucked away with care until we have a little girl to give them to one day. I know that we will, asap! So Molly, your kindness has not only touched the lives of one of our children, but at least 2! (And others as they may come and play with the hand-me-downs of their older siblings!) Thank you so much for your last wonderful gift.


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