Sunday, September 21, 2008

THANK YOU!! to Cathy & Mark's secret pal Tonja!!

We were so excited to get a HUGE box delivered this week!! It was just chock full of all kinds of cool things for travel and other great stuff!! We received travel items, stacking cups, a very nice window shade, a travel utensil set, a baby book, just to name a few things. AND a giant jar of pink m&ms!!! This is so funny, because m&ms are my absolute favorite candy - people at work give them to me, I get them for my birthday, etc. so this was just so cool and is just perfect. And we are thrilled to announce that our secret pal was Tonja!! Thank you so much for being such a great pal, you have sent so many wonderful things. Each box of treasures was just perfect, and we really feel like we are getting prepared with the things we need. Thanks for making each month of waiting a little more bearable! :-) We just can't thank you enough for your friendship and being a terrific pal!!! We look forward to being able to celebrate together with our referrals!! Love, Cathy & Mark


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