Friday, June 23, 2006

Thankyou so very much to the O'Brien secret Pal!

The doorbell rings! All 3 boys come running down the stairs with this big box yelling mom whats in this box? Can we open it? They are all so excited as am I? What's in this big box?

Here are from left Tyler, Mike, and Chris who are waiting so anxiously to open the big box!
They start to open the box and look at the beautiful items in the box just blew me away!

My husband and I got this beautiful basket full of soothe products. Geranium and Sandalwood scents they are lovely smelling! Body wash, lotion, bath salts, bath bombs, body bar with massage nubbs, back scrubber, luffa/brush, a really cute magnet for the fridge saying Acts of kindness warm the geart soothe the soul and make the world turn more gently. On the front of the basket a cute cuddly little pink fuzzy bunny book neat idea and some really beautiful pink material with hearts on it which I am going to use for Anisha's 100 good wishes quilt and the most precious little footprint package with a wonderfully written personal note from my dear secret pal. She even remembered my anniversary which meant so much too me! I dont know how to express my gratitude secret pal you really went overboard and it is sooo greatly appreciated!

The mailman secret pal wanted to know what was in the parcel too. He made a special trip back to our house to see what was in the box. He looks forward to your gifts each month just as much as I do he told me that. He saw what your gift to us this month was and his eyes just buldged and told me that you have wonderful taste secret pal and asked if I would share the goods and of course my answer is noooo way they are mine! I just love everything secret pal and my husband does too he asked me to leave him one of the bath bombs for him to use.
Thankyou again secret pal!


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