Monday, August 14, 2006

Appleton's Secret Pal Sends Awesome AUGUST surpises!

Well our secret pals outdid themselves once again! WOW! We got our August box of goodies today and had an absolute BALL opening each and everything! Last time Susan opened most of the goodies so this time it was Doug's turn. Mr. and Mrs. Secret Pal were AWESOME! They had so much stuff in that box! First of all there was an adorable outfit that had a top, pants, and matching booties. They all had ladybugs on them! How adorable! There was a TY Beanie Bear that was just the cutest thing and so soft! There were 2 baby bibs-one with a ducky and one with a bear. There was an outdoor flower twirler to catch the breeze and it too had a ladybug on it! Also included in our surprise box were two ladybug pacifiers, a little journal notebook with ladybugs and butterflies on it, a baby animals book, a teddy bear plate, some COOL cat scrapbooking decorations, animal scrapbook paper, and THREE mice for our three cats! Savannah, Tabitha, and Chelsea LOVED those! I've even enclosed a few pictures of them playing with those. When I took them away from the girls to photograph, Chelsea ran up and got hers and took off with it! hahahahahaha
Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Secret Pal! You made our day so much brighter and we just simply LOVED EVERYTHING! The card and letter you sent were also wonderful. We keep those in Rebekah's journal that Susan is writing in for her. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!
Doug and Susan! (and the girls who are at this moment playing like crazy with those mice!)


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