Friday, August 04, 2006

The O'Brien's say mmmm thankyou secret pal!

Here is my mailman enjoying his tootsie treat. He is so quick I could only catch his hands with the camera.

Secret Pal

We would like to thankyou for all the wonderful gifts we received this month. The boys really enjoyed the gifts you sent them and couldn't wait to dig into the goodies. My mailman says thankyou for the yummy tootsie rolls, he really enjoyed them! This month we got a beautiful set of Hello Kitty eating wear bowl, cup, plate, and matching fork and spoon too cute! The boys just love the goodies, and the cookie recipes we already made some out of it. The Ice pop makers are really coming in handy for the really hot weather for the boys. We got these cute little cards with ice treats on the back which I intend to use when I travel to go get Anisha and my secret pal made this cute little card which I think is just adorable!

Here are some pictures of the gifts our secret pal sent, the card that was made and the kids enjoying their wonderful treats. Thank you so much secret pal for sending the extra gifts for the boys. They really enjoyed the treats. We can't wait for next month. Thanks again The O'Brien's.


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