Sunday, September 24, 2006

Thanks Gollnick Secret Pal!!!

Thanks so much secret pal :) My daughter Hannah came running in the house yelling "its here! It's here!" We get very excited when presents come in the mail ! I love the books that you chose for Sophie, both of these were on my wish list. The silly song book is lots of fun. Ben and Hannah can't wait to sit with their little sister and read with her. I absolutely love the little outfit you sent this month, it's so soft and super cute. Chris thought the luggage tags were cool, and I have to agree. Thanks for thinking of us, your gifts are always so generous and thoughtful.

Thanks again SP your the best!!
Maryellen, Chris, Ben and Hannah

You were not late at all, you have perfect timing. We have all been a little impatient this week about the wait (kids included) and your gifts made us all very happy and reminded us that Sophie will be here soon.


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