Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Big Thanks to Our Secret Pals!

Wow! Our April Secret Pal package arrived in yesterday's mail and we were quite overwhelmed by the variety of photo-related goodies. A toy camera for baby, photo albums (including a cute, soft plastic photo album for baby), a lovely and ornate handbag, photo frames of various sizes/shapes/colors, a very-sweet card wishing us a happy spring, and (last but not least!) toys for the boys (that is, our cats [Austin and Jasper] and our dog [Chad]). They were and still are very excited about their presents. You can see Austin pictured here with his toys (trust me, that's Austin's "excited" mode). Thank you, Secret Pal, for making an overcast day bright and shiny! We really love and treasure our gifts and are very appreciative in the thoughtfulness you took in choosing such nice items. As you say in your card, one more month down...


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