Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thank You Clark Family Secret Pal!

Arrived home last night to a wonderful package in the mail box. Our amazing Secret Pal strikes again! Thank you so much!!! You are fabulous and we love everything!

There was a big envelope waiting for us but what is this...damage? The stupid, stupid, stupid postal service damaged the package while processing it and it was opened. I believe something fell out and was lost. SP, you tell me. I called Canada Post and..well let's just say that for a crown corporation, they SUCK! I was told that since you sent it, you need to contact the postal service that you used to make the claim on the lost item...blah blah blah!

Moving on to better things...

¨What is this? I must inspect everything that comes into this house!¨

Lovely presents including some decorations that are the theme of Baby Girls room ¨Camelot for Kids¨.

A seriously neat hanging dragon storage unit. The model is cute but he is being shy.

The frames are too cute for words! I love that you sent one with Baby Girls name on it!

The great card.

And lastly, a glimpse into the cute yet bizarre furry baby who inhabits our house and our hearts. (Disclaimers...the couch is covered in blankets as Daisy hangs out there when we are at work. And it is messy because she burrows under them all day. And, I hate the sound of my voice sounds on tape/recorded!)


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