Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Be kind, generous and loving in your thoughts, words, and actions. (Just like D&D's Secret Pals!)

I went looking for thoughts on generosity, and I found the above quotation by Ann Sykes Walter, and while I must admit that I don't know who she is, I know she must have been inspired to give that advice by the example of our Secret Pals.

I have to apologize for getting this up late. Our present came just as we were sneaking away last week, and I'm just getting to post about it now, but, once again, we are truly touched, so please accept my apology.

First we got just the most lovely outfits and bibs for Sophie. I adore anything applique!

I never saw anything like this collar. I wonder if I'll ever be able to sew anything this cute!
I doubt it. Thank you Pals; they're all just lovely.

Then we got some pet toys (as you can see, the dog's toy is gone! He wouldn't let me photograph it! Grrrrrowling! :) ), as ever, our Pals remember all our "kids!" It's so sweet because they get so excited now when the box comes.

We also got a bevvy of cool art supplies. I love chalking on the sidewalk, BTW, how did you know? I always loved the way Dick Van Dyke did it in Mary Poppins.

Lastly we got the most adorable doll who I just had to bust free of her box. She is named Sonya Lee and her tag says, "I love every kind of animal, whether they're big or small." Well, I am an animal rights person, and our daughter will be named Sophie Lee. Couldn't be more perfect! Sonya may spend the waning months between Sophie and I in my purse! Nope, DH says he will save her for Sophie. Okay DH :P

Thanks again Pals. You are brilliant, truly.




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