Thursday, August 02, 2007

Secret Pals Really Understand My Inner Beach

Oh boy Pals, we are overwhelmed yet again! The gifts you sent are so wonderful. It's hard for us to decide what we love most. The ice cream outfit, the flip flop outfit, the pink flamingos outfit and matching swimsuit, the bubble outfits, everything is sooooo cute! (I will post more photos on our personal blog if you want to see more folks! :) )
Then we have the hair bows,
the purple shoes (okay, what woman out there didn't want purple everything when you were a little girl...)
the towel with the barefoot tracks on it, the inflatable globe (we are map lovers, so very cool!), the beach toys (dh is so excited about the boat and the inflatable fish!),
the pet toys (which I had to wrestle away from them for a photo!) and the awesome bag.
I love anything quilted, and this is so roomy, soft, and full of pockets!
And, of course, a very sweet card to go with it. SPs you really understand my love for the beach. I'd be in the ocean everyday if I could (although I sometimes miss the kinder, gentler, warmer Atlantic!)
Mrs. Pal, btw, I want to go shopping with you! I think you know your way around for deals! (Not to be sexist, but this booty just must have been aquired by a Mrs.!)
When we open your boxes we feel like we are opening Mary Poppin's carpet bag; there is everything in there! Well, I just can't think of anything we've done to deserve you guys. We are so grateful and so pleased. Thank you again dear Pals.


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