Thursday, December 27, 2007

Belated Thanks to Dave and Di's Wonderful Secret Pals!

I have to apologize for the lateness of this post. I took on 2 extra classes in November (64 hours each compressed into 8 weeks and 6 weeks....!) to try to upgrade our China fund, so I just didn't have time to post photos. I am so sorry dear pals.

Meanwhile, our pals kept the faith, and sent us to lovely packages. We really are so lucky to have the most generous pals.

For November the theme was "Dress You Up In My Love," and our pals took that idea and sent us a whole day's worth of clothes for Sophie. It was a really cute twist on the idea I thought, and very giving too.

For December the theme was "Holidays," and our pals sent us some beautiful holiday outfits.
But the giving doesn't stop there!
In addition each package had extras, toys, books, treats for our pets... Everything was a very thoughtful and welcomed addition.

Pals, you are so dear to us, and you have the best taste. We will always be proud to dress Sophie "in your love."

Thanks so much, happy new year to you, and speedy referrals to us all!


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