Monday, December 10, 2007

Huge holiday thank-you to Cathy & Mark's pal!

Once again we want to send huge "thanks" to our wonderful pal! We actually got our package the day of our home study update, and when the doorbell rang I thought it was our social worker coming early! yikes!! But thankfully it was just the delivery guy with our SP package! woo hoo!!! We got a wonderful selection of great stuff, and we love everything! We received a beautiful white Christmas dress with ornaments, which is just so sweet. We also received a great jr. doctor play kit with lots of cool stuff!! We have been playing with it already! We also received a Hallmark keepsake luggage ornament - very nice, and some cookie cutters which I really need - I was planning on doing gingerbread men for the cookie exchange this year, and needed to buy one, but now I have one!! Thank you! And another little ladybug and secret pal card. All in all, a great selection of things - thank you so much for sending us some holiday cheer! We hope you have a great holiday! Love, Cathy & Mark


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