Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lindbergs' December gifts lighten up dark January

This marvellous package was just what I needed to pick me up a grey day like this in mid-January, when I'm at home with a headache! The package actually arrived a week ago, but I haven't had time to go to the post office to get it until today. This is what we received:

As I had expressed a certain weekness for peanut butter cups there were lots of them! Yum-yum! There were also a nice wooden hedgehog toy (I can't wait to see my child dragging it along everywhere in the apartment!), a funny children's tray with separate spaces for different dishes and even a space for chop sticks, toys for the cats and two nice cards for us. But the most fantastic, amazing thing was this:

Mrs Secret Pal has made a Christmas shirt for our baby from a placemat with a Swedish Christmas song on it! Isn't that incredible?!?! She writes that a friend of hers found the placemat in her vintage store and that she checked with another Swedish waiting mum on the internet what the words said. I'm touched beyond words!

The words are a funny, silly Christmas song that everybody in Sweden knows and that we sing every year in my family! Our baby will look so cute wearing this beautiful shirt!

The cats Selma and Signe are checking everything out. The colourful toys were very popular!

I can't thank you enough, Mr and Mrs Secret Pal! I appreciated this package so much!

Emma with DH Dan in Sweden


At 10:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're so glad you like it! It was explained to us just that way too, funny and silly and not about anything offensive having to do with beer. Althought it does look like a good meal, I see beer, pretzels, and sausages....
We used to live in a pretzel town, and now we cannot get them anymore except for pretzels made by a chain (Auntie Anne's) that are just wrong.... *sigh* :)
Mr. Pal picked out the peanutbutter varieties. He is their best customer, so he knows what's good, and we hope you enjoy them.
Hope your spirits are up as the wait lingers.

At 3:40 PM, Blogger Emma said...

Hm, actually we sing the song as a drinking song when we take the traditional shot of aquavit with our Christmas meal, BUT it's not really a drinking song. It can just as well be sung in kindergarden! It's about the Christmas elfs being merry at Christmas.

Beer and sausages can be found on our Christmas table, but not pretzels. (Perhaps they are German?) On the table there would also be a big ham, pickled herring, marinated salmon, cheese, eggs, spareribs and much, much more.

Thank you, Mr Secret Pal, for the peanut butter cups and crisp bars! They are lovely and raised my spirits considerably!

At 5:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is pickled herring tasty? If I picked up a jar of pickled herring do you think it would approximate what you eat? I have had canned herrig in a creamy mustard, and it was excellent. How do you eat it?
Are your spirits low right now Emma? I had a bad low patch last week, but I'm feeling better now. You can send me an email through Cathy if you want to talk more.

At 1:24 PM, Blogger Emma said...

I'll send you an e-mail through Cathy!


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