Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Shelton Family is going to have some fun!!!

Look at all of this stuff? How fun is this? Other than the sweet little apron with the ladybugs on it and Marissa's name, I think our 11 year old, Caitlin, is going to enjoy this month's gift from our SP. She loves to bake and cook. You can't imagine how excited she was to see all the different sprinkles. Purple, pink, yello and so much more and the icing pens??? There is also a tub full of animal cookie cutters and 2 recipe books - one for things to make with pretzels and the other things to make with corn flakes. You even sent cookie mix. You thought of everything. I love the apron. Caitlin had a blue one with her name on it when she was little. I am so glad that Marissa will have one also. Thank you so much for ALL of this stuff. You are so wonderful.


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