Sunday, January 27, 2008

Woo hoo! Lots of fun stuff from Cathy's pal!

Once again thank you to my awesome secret pal! Take a look at this beautiful red Chinese dress. It is just gorgeous. Dh and I were talking that we may use it for a christening dress, if it fits at the right time. I want to use a red dress, since that is the color of celebration! We also received a Ratatouille stuffed rat!!! LOL! We love it! Perfect for the Year of the Rat! We also received a couple of adorable books, Baby Animals (touch & feel, which of course we went through ourselves already lol), and Mama Loves You, so sweet! And to round out a great selection of items, a box of lovely red notecards, which is perfect because I just ran out. Thank you so much for everything, we love it all. And thanks for being a great pal! Love, Cathy


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