Saturday, November 01, 2008

A Huge Thanks to Mark and Cathy Lam!!!

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the wonderful gifts you have sent us! I never got a picture of the gifts by themselves because Will couldn't leave them alone. He was so excited--especially about the adorable farm truck!

He also pulled the straws out of the
Spider Man cups and wanted to start drinking from them right away! Thanks also for the Spider Man lunchbox, utensils, and plate and bowl set. We love super heroes around here.

Will loves pulling the car shade up and down. We needed that gift as we just used a free one someone had given us at a fair and it had torn up!

Everything was generous and perfect as usual. Even the Chinese card was a wonderful touch. Thank you so much from all of us for your generosity over these last few months. We wish you all the best and that you will be as blessed by others as we were by you!

God bless,
John, Tara, and Will


At 5:49 PM, Blogger Cathy said...

You're very welcome!! I'm so glad Will is enjoying everything, the pictures are great!! (((hugs)))


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