Saturday, June 24, 2006

New Secret Pals from Canada...

Hello everyone,
We are Shawn and Kristine from Victoria BC, LID 03/01/06. Our family consists of the two of us and our 18 year old cat Camie. We have requested a girl as young as possible as this is our first and probably only child. Our daughter's first name will be Isabel after my great-grandmother. Our nursery will be a light lavender colour with white furniture I will be painting either wisteria or lilac's in vines as decoration. So I guess, white, purple, yellow and pink are our colours. I love butterfly's and am making a 100 wishes butterfly quilt for Isabel. When I think about it, a Garden theme is our thing as I love to grow heritage roses.
Shawn likes to play guitar, airplanes and aviation, computers, airplane magazines, guitar magazines and playstation 2. As for music we both like Hendrix, Kiss, Beatles, Buddy Holly, the Who - Classic 70's rock guitar music. Kristine also likes Depeche Mode, Sarah Mclaughlin, Lerena Mckinnet, XTC, Green Day and music the 90's grunge scene (STP, Jane's Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers etc). She also really likes Jazz (old and new), Classical (Vivaldi, Mozart, Haydn etc) and the 50's rat pack music. Eclectic. Our house is full of music!! Kristine loves to read mystery novels (especially British ones) and Canadian writers. She also loves to cook with neat gadgets and watching Cooking programs then preparing the food. Redecorating is a favorite pastime for both Kristine and Shawn as well as going for bike rides, shopping in Chinatown (the first in Canada!!) and Kristine is a "fairweather" sewer. We both do Yoga weekly to try and relax from our hectic and busy lives. Kristine loves her monthly massage session as well. We both like to go for walks, spending time at the Ocean any time of the year and watching the moon rise. A few months ago Kristine and her girlfriends decided that living the "romantic" life everyday was worth doing so she uses the good linens, serves a good wine with dinner and we try to spend time enjoying each others company.
We haven't registered at any stores but children's books would be very welcome for Isabel's library and anything that a one year old girl would enjoy. We are looking forward to being a part of the next exchange!!!


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