Sunday, August 20, 2006

Thanks to the BeDell's Secret Pal!

Thank you again, Secret Pal! I am finally back from vacation, so I can post pictures and thank you properly! I about died first when I saw the size of the box this month and then the size of the ladybug inside! It is too funny! I'm sorry that I have to post so many pictures, but you really need to see the scale of this, so I took pictures with my kids! The wings make this great crinkly noise that kids love and one leg squeaks while the other leg jingles! Too adorable! As usual, the chocolate somehow keeps not making it into the photos... I wonder why? :) The little tiger is so cuddly and it is asthma friendly! My 7 yo is snuggling it in one photo - he has asthma. It is so cool, you are supposed to put it in a ziploc bag every month and freeze it for 24 hours and then wash and dry it. I think Colby is going to keep it company until Marissa gets here. :) Then there are the cute Anne Geddes dolls, a ladybug and a butterfly. I am a photographer and I love photographing children, so those are a big hit! And I love the stuffed dragon fly on a flower thingee to match the flower from before! You are seriously spoiling me way too much! I love all your gifts, thank you so much!


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