Monday, October 02, 2006

Perrotta's Secret Pal!!!

Thank you so much, Secret Pal, for October's gifts. They couldn't be more perfect--Mooncakes (which we'll share one tonight for dessert!) and a beautiful Chinese lantern, plus a neat book on the origins of Chinese festivals. It’s written like a comic book! So, it is great information condensed into a comic strip!! Pretty cool!

And please accept my apologies this past month...I just noticed that I neglected to send a thank you your way for the beautiful books you sent us last month! I was sure I sent one, because I always head right to the computer after opening your gifts…but apparently I did not this time! Yikes!! Sincere apologies. The books are so neat too--I love how they are dual language books!! What fun they are!! I look forward to sharing them with our daughter some day.

Thank you soooo very much, Secret Pal!!!!

You are always so generous!!



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