Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Thank You From The Buhler's!!

Look at all the wonderful things our secret pal sent to us this month!!! I'm sure my secret pal lives in the same town as me and watches my every move because just last week, I was gazing over PINK diaper bags trying to decide if I should buy one or not!! She found us the CUTEST one ever!! It says "Cute as a button" on it!! (I'm sure Dale will LOVE carrying a pink diaper bag around!! HA!! Too bad for him!! lol)

The diaper bag was FULL of a ton of fun and helpful things for our eventual travel to China. There was also the cutest pink dress for Annaliese to wear when she gets home!

Hits for the boys this gift included, jelly bellies, animal crackers and foam flying airplanes!! Too cute!!

Thanks soooo much secret pal!! We love everything!! You're too good to us!!


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