Sunday, October 15, 2006

Thanks To The Appleton's Secret Pal

We simply LOVE our Secret Pals! They are the greatest and they even have an email address that is anonymous so they can write us little emails from time to time! AWESOME! The other day I got home and THERE WAS A BOX from them. I couldn't wait to open it, but I was a good little wife and waited for Doug to come home from work. What a wonderful box of goodies it was! They (Mr. and Mrs. Secret Pal) had sent us two Precious Moments goodies: one was a little girl holding a pumpkin and the name of it is "I'm so happy I picked you" How appropriate is that for an adoptive couple????? The second one was a Precious Moments frame with a beautiful little poem in it. Then they sent two candy bags, one containing Mounds and one containing Pay Days! That's our favorite candies. We also got two little Mini-Halloween board books and a wooden Halloween frame to paint. The Halloween card was so festive! I love Fall and it is my FAVORITE season of the year so all of the goodies were wonderful to receive. THank you Mr. and Mrs Secret Pal. Our little cat, Chelsea even played in the box and had a grand time!
Love to you both!
Susan and Doug


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