Saturday, October 07, 2006

Thanks to Emma & Dan's incredible secret pals!

After a crappy week my life brightened up substantially on receiving our wonderful September gift! Our amazing secret pals have outdone themselves by finding a childrens' book in Swedish!!! How did you manage that?? We also received a quilt square (no problem with the size!) with a wish written in Swedish. We are so touched that you have taken the trouble to translate it! There's no problem understanding everything, although the translation of a few words is a bit original... For example, the word for "safe" that you have chosen is the noun that means a safety box where you put your valuables! This card will be a treasure for us and our baby! On top of these two wonderful gifts we received a whole bunch of interesting books: Chinese for children, Play Time, The Eater's Guide to Chinese Characters, Swallowing Clouds, Simply Natural Baby Food and The Little Book of Chinese Proverbs. As I love reading, cooking, eating, learning foreign languages, learning about foreign cultures and about children this is an excellent collection! We also got 30 Dim Sum Flash Postcard (what an original idea!) and a cute ladybug fridge magnet. And as always, something for our cats: a box of catnip, and a nice encouraging card for us.

Thank you so much!

Emma & Dan in Sweden

P.S. You are spoiling us! You mustn't keep sending us so much stuff every month. The postage alone is too expensive!

This is the book in Swedish. It's a book of traditional Swedish nursery rhymes and it was printed in 1955!


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