Saturday, December 09, 2006

Thank You To The Guschel's Secret Pal

I owe a big apology to our secret pal. I was remiss in not acknowledging our gift, since I've had it for a while now. Please forgive me!! Secret Pal, we are so lucky to have you!!! I'd like to first make note of the sun hat. We love it!!!,it is so adorable. I cried when I saw it, as I can picture our little girl wearing it. Oh, and yes I also dream of traveling this summer, hope it is a reality for us all.
That bib is so cool! I'd never seen one before, it's so easy to clean and you roll it up when you're done. Thanks for the disposable changing pads, the wipes,antiseptic gel and sippy cup. We are so ready to travel!!! And last but not least thanks for beautiful hand made card. I've saved everyone and they are packed with all our "Renee" things. I plan to show her when she's old enough, how my secret pal cared for her. Happy Holidays!!


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