Friday, January 05, 2007

The Appletons Are Blessed Again By Their Secret Pals!

OH MY GOSH! We have the BEST Secret Pals in the whole wide world!!!!!! We are DYING to know who you are Secret Pals! We got December's goodies today and could not WAIT to open each thing! Susan waited until Doug got home from work and then she, Doug, and three cats sat in the middle of the livingroom floor and started opening one amazing gift after another!!!!!!!! Here's what we got:
1. Two books: Shaoey & Dot and Daddy's Girl (we LOVE these!)
2. A little toy that has a teething ring, linking chain, squeaky ladybug. It is adorable and I had to fight the cats away from the ladybug! They loved the way the wings crinkle! hahahahahaha
3. Three play toys for the cats! (They are NOT in the picture because the "girls" had them running all over the house!)
4. A Hallmark Ornament that says, "Expecting Parents" and is in the shape of little umbrella.
5. A Panda ornament (this is adorable!)
6. A Steven Curtis Chapman Christmas CD (of course I HAD to listen to it and cried when one of his adoptive daughters, Shaoey, was reading the birth of Christ story from the Bible and then at the end when she sings with Steven, "We wish you a merry Christmas." There is also one song on there about a little boy from an orphanage writing a letter saying that all he wants for Christmas is a home and family. Oh boy the tears came when I listened to that! I LOVE this CD!
7. A gift card for Toys-R-Us/Babies-R-Us!
8. A Christmas bib that says, "Stocking Stuffer"
9. A little Boyd's Bear
10. An anniversary card with a gift card for OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE!!!!!!! Our sixth anniversary was Dec. 23! THEY KNEW THIS!!!!!! WOW!

I am still just sitting here in shock at all of the thought and love that went into this package of goodies. Secret Pals, I hope that you can feel the love that we send right back at you! Here's a HUG HUG HUG just for you guys! WOW! You have blessed our lives so very very much and I hope one day we can meet you and just personally thank you for the joy and love and happiness you bring to us each and every month! We love you!
Susan and Doug!


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