Monday, February 05, 2007

Korber's Secret Pal

Ron and I want to thank you fom the bottom of our hearts for the lovely gift that you sent us! Thank you for the sweet items you sent for our little boy we're getting soon! Ron especially loved the adoreable Bears outfits that you sent us. Ron is a football nut! Sorry your Bears didn't win this year! :( We love everything you so kindly sent us. The keychain digital camera was such an inspired gift! I never knew they made such items! I guess I'm behind the times, huh??? Ha! I tried it out so hopefully it will work on the blog here! Also thank for the Welcome to the Famiy Book for our son and the Chinese New Year items are so wonderful, too. You spoil us each month! I can't wait to find out who my Secret Pal is!!! Thank you so much for brightening up our cold, cold day here in Pennsylvania!!

With love,

Ron, Valeri and Jensen (coming soon!) Korber


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