Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Appletons Receive "Chinese New Year" Goodies!

Well our secret pals certainly surprised us with this month's goody box. The theme was "Chinese New Year" and we had NO idea what to expect. Mr. and Mrs. Secret Pal tried to send us some things that we could pull out each year when we celebrate the Chinese New Year. They sent a book called, "ChinaTown", a calendar about China with the prettiest pictures of China in it, a wooden Chinese girl statue, an ornament made of Chinese coins, a Chinese lantern that lights up, a beautiful scroll with Chinese writing on it (the box that it came in also is JUST written in Chinese). They also sent a BEAUTIFUL Chinese New Year card (I haven't been able to find these anywhere). Whoever they are, they sure go way above and beyond what we expected from Secret Pals. They always send us the kindest cards and emails (anonymously, of course) and each month we look sooooooooooooooooooooo forward to seeing what will arrive on our doorstep. They are the BEST! Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Secret Pal!


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