Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thanks Gollnick Secret Pal!!!

Thank so much to our terrific SP!! I am listening to the CNY CD while I type this and it is just lovely! Please don't worry about wrapping our gifts...I don't wrap my SP gifts either!! I figure that they come in a box that you have to open:) I love the books (I am a big fan of lift the flap books, object perm., making predictions all that good stuff) and the Chinese language map is VERY cool! I can't wait for my husband to see it! Thank you for including the things that you wished that you had brought the first time to China. I would have never have thought to bring the bleach pen! I will put the cups and orajel in my draw of travle stuff ( yes, I actually have one with all kinds of loot in it). Thank you again for the goodies this month and every month! You are the best! Happy New Year!!

Maryellen, Chris, Ben, Hannah and some day soon please Sophie!!


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