Sunday, March 04, 2007

Chinese New Year Thank You!!

Thank you so much for our chinese new year gifts! We love to try new things, so the cookies and tea were right up our alley. John had to have some tea right away. We, of course, tried the cookies too. I'm trying to be healthy, so it gave me a good excuse for a treat!
My family just happened to come visit on Chinese New Year, and we made them try the cookies. They're not much on new foods, but we didn't give them much choice. I think they actually liked them. I would have put a pic of them on here, but they don't like people seeing thier pictures--especially on the internet!
The picture of the food is actually what we made from the cookbook on Chinese New Year. One of my goals is to learn to cook Chinese food better, so your cookbook will come in handy! And we don't mean to gross everyone out with the picture of John feeding me, but we just wanted you to know that your chopsticks will be put to good use!
I hope your Year of the Pig is off to a wonderful start! Thanks so much for helping us make our Chinese New Year more meaningful and festive!


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