Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lindbergs' secret pals are CRAZY!

They actually sent us a camera!!! It's a Polaroid and I love it, because I've never had one and it's perfect for a child (and us) to play around with! In the picture below you can see it together with the first picture I took with it. (It's of our street.) As if this was not enough there were more stuff in the box: a very smart picture mobile and also a string with pandas that can hold pictures. The pandas already held a nice card and a lot of other cute little things (see picture). The cats got a load of glittery toy balls that they started to play with at once and we got a load of Daims, which is one of my favorite candies! A wonderful box! Thank you so much!

Emma & Dan in Sweden

Signe the cat sitting on the picture mobile and contemplating her new toys.

The panda string with cute things on.

Signe enjoying toys and candy (they work fine as toys too...).

My first Polaroid picture!!

The wonderful gift!


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