Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Wow, are Dave and I ever lucky this 4th of July? YES! We got a box that was simply over-flowing with the nicest batch of goodies I have ever seen.
I warn you, Secret Pals, when this is all over I will track you down eventually. You deserve real live hugs and kisses for your generosity. Here we are, all of us waiting for a baby, many of us waiting for our first child, and all of us at different stages of happiness or sadness based on how we are dealing with the wait on any given day, among all the other things in our lives, and yet someone who is a complete stranger to you will go out and put real heart and love into giving you something for a child who is no more than a promise at this point, because they believe in your child, and in you. How wonderful is that? What great human beings our Secret Pals are.

I have to tell you I think I did such a rotten job for my pal with this theme, but you did great. The things you put in were so clever! I just adore the diaper disposal bags too. (silly thing to love, but no, they're just so neat!

And, I also adore Carter's clothing, but I can never find anything over 12 months! Those outfits are sooo soft and pretty.

Of course, I was so delighted to find out ladybugs were hooked up to China adoption because I have always been a fan, so I cannot wait to use this bib on my baby! (But I hope she'll be a neat eater and not mess it up!) :)

Dear, dear secret pals, we just cannot thank you enough.

We are redoing our homestudy this Saturday, and, of course, I am cleaning like mad, and fixing up Sophie's room, and making new curtains for the living room (because I just know we won't pass-muster with the old ones!); in other words, I've gone irrationally insane, just like I did the first time, which is exciting, and makes me feel closer to the end, but which is also nerve-racking and sad because we just don't know, dude, do we, if we'll have to do it again? *sigh*

Well, so, that is by way of saying that you are much appreciated this and every month, but this month you also won with perfect timing.




At 10:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for such kind comments. We believe we will get those babies!!! That is what keeps us going. It is really nice to be appreciated.

Your Secret Pals

At 2:11 PM, Blogger chad-roscoe said...

Well, we do appreciate you. We are overwhelmed each month and it feels so inadequate to just say so here. It really is heartfelt, you sneaky little anonymous pals! We love you.


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