Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy July to the Shelton's SP

First of all please excuse that I have no pictures to post of all the wonderful stuff we received from our secret pal. We are getting ready to move in a couple of weeks and our house is still on the market here. I put the stuff up to be packed before I remembered that I should have taken a picture. My life is a little nuts these days.

My NJ mom's group gave me a surprise baby shower since we are moving on Friday. As if that didn't overwhelm me enough. I came home to a box from my SP. She bought Marissa the cutest little outfit, a floppy frisbee, chalk, sunglasses and sippy cups. She also remembered our 10 year old daughter giving her some sidewalk chalk and sunglasses also. She is the best.

She mentioned in a note to us that her computer is down. I'm not sure that she is able to come out here and see my post and thanks. If the moderators have any way to get in touch with her, could you tell her I said thanks? I am having so much fun with this SP swap. Thanks for including me.


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