Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Dave and Di's Pals are so clever!

I am continually amazed at how my Pals take the month's theme and come up with such a clever twist.

February's themes was Kids Can Cook, and as Dave and I pulled the presents (there are always many; our pals are super generous) out of the box I was surprised to see PJs. But then I read the note from our pals. They suggest that we can cook in our jammies. Well, it's like you know us like old friends, because that is exactly something we'd do. We're real homebodies, and we love to spend the weekends in our jammies all day if we can. These are so cute; they're Tinkerbell PJs.

Check out the beautiful apron too, and a huggy-toy, and cooking tools, and a book for Mommy (which I already read! I couldn't help myself I raced through it last night! Excellent story!).

What a cute gift you put together pals. We love it, and we love you. Hope you're continuing in the swap!


PS. You're on our blog too: www.sophieonmymind.blogspot.com


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