Sunday, November 23, 2008


Well after all these many many months of being spoiled rotten by our Secret Pals, we FINALLY know their identity.........Kelly and Joseph Shook! We got the final package of goodies yesterday and couldn't WAIT to see who they were.......
They sent us so much stuff! Kelly made me a scrapbook for Rebekah and included a travel checklist,a travel book about China, an ornament with a plane/globe, a Chinese purse, learning Mandarin CD's, a panda, Shaoey and Dot book, a notebook that has a beautiful Chinese silk cover, and pictures of the two of them. How can possibly thank two people who have become our friends over all these months? There just aren't really any words that can let them know how much their thoughtfulness has meant. Even those months when we were discouraged and felt like dropping out, they would send us anonymous letters of encouragement and support. They have truly touched our lives and now that the Secret Pal program is over, we can move on and be great friends with them as we continue to wait for our babies AND after we become parents and raise our girls! Thank you Kelly and Joe!!!!!!!!! We just had to say THANKS!!!!!!!!!! And YES, we are going to STAY friends!!!!!


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