Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Little About Us!

Name: Kylie & Don - we live just outside of Washington, D.C. in Northern Virginia. I am originally from Portland, Oregon, and Don is originally from Houston, TX. We are here courtesy of the US Navy - Don is a naval officer. Prior to this duty station we were in Hawaii for 3 years - it was awesome, so we pretty much LOVE the tropics, the beach and anything having to do with the ocean! I am a dentist by training, but am currently not practicing - I have a small woodcrafts business ( which I love! We have a wonderful Golden Retriever who is our 4-legged furbaby!

Girl or Boy: Girl


Nursery: Pottery Barn Kids Chloe pattern - it's discontinued but I found everything on Ebay. :-) Colors are mainly bright pinks, greens and turquoise blues.

Name: Waiting for referral to see what her Chinese name is.

Likes: LOVE Diet Coke, M & M's, good restaurants (seafood, Mexican, sushi, Italian and a good steak!), traveling, dogs, (especially Golden Retrievers and Newfoundlands) animals, chocolate, roller coasters, SHOPPING (Ralph Lauren, Nordstom, T.J. Maxx, Old Navy, Target). I love classic little girl clothes, sort of girly stuff (but not super dooper frilly/ruffly). Favorite colors are purple, pink, turquoise. Favorite flowers - gardenias, sunflowers, stargazer lilies, daffodils, tulips, tuberose, delphinium, and of course, roses are awesome! There really aren't that many things I dislike - although I am not really into Disney characters, Precious Moments, and cartoony stuff. I like unusual stuff - sort of eclectic and funky (that's kind of my decorating style, too). And I enjoy trying new things.

Hobbies/Collectibles: Traveling, hanging out with my awesome husband, snow skiing, walking our dog, photography, gardening, movies, home decorating, doing projects around the house, birdwatching, flowers, shopping, music (I sing in the worship choir at our church), woodcrafts. Don loves anything having to do with the water/ocean/boating, and also loves working with computers (Macs), paintball, and playing Halo. Don graduated from the Naval Academy, so we love the Army/Navy football rivalry! We have both recently gotten our Ham radio licenses. We belong to an awesome church - we are very active in our church and work with our youth group (jr high through high school). I don't really collect anything, although I do love plates/dishes (Deruta, Spode, Quimper Faience) and probably already have too many!

Favorite fragrance/scent: I love Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Verbena and lavender scents. I'm not really into candles. Favorite perfumes: Burberry Brit, Lauren, Prescriptives Calyx, and Philosophy Amazing Grace.

Favorite Music: Christian Rock(Switchfoot, Kutless, Delirious, Third Day, Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, Chris Tomlin, Kim Hill, Steven Curtis Chapman, Jennifer Knapp, Casting Crowns), 80's & 90's pop & rock. Not really into rap, but like pretty much everything else.

Favorite Author/Genre: A couple of my favorite books: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Anything Considered by Peter Mayle. Authors I enjoy: Peter Mayle, Joel Rosenberg, Jan Karon, Max Lucado, Ken Gire, John Grisham, and of course, J.K. Rowling! :-)

Movies: LOVE movies!! My favorites are a fairly eclectic group - here they are: You've Got Mail, French Kiss, Sleepless in Seattle, (big Meg Ryan fan!) Just Like Heaven, Doris Day movies (Pillow Talk, etc.), Cary Grant movies (Bringing Up Baby, Father Goose, Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer, etc.), Gaslight, Rear Window, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Great Escape, Stalig 17, Patton, The Longest Day, Saving Private Ryan, The Patriot, Gladiator, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Harry Potter, Uncle Buck, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, So I Married an Axe Murderer, Napoleon Dynamite, Chronicles of Narnia. So, as you can see we love movies, and we have a pretty broad range of types that we like.

TV: The Amazing Race - LOVE IT!!! 24 - LOVE IT!!! Also enjoy Project Runway, NCIS, The 4400, Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, new Battlestar Galactica and (I'm a little embarrassed to admit this...)Dog the Bounty Hunter!

Registered at what store(s): Not registered yet.

Anything else that would be useful for your Secret Pal to get to know you: This will be our first child and we are so incredibly excited! :-) We were DTC 2/09/06 and have a LID of 3/6/06. I am really looking forward to the gift exchange and getting to know y'all better! This is a great way to pass the time while we are waiting for our precious children! :-)


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