Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thank you from the Korber Family

I want to thank my wonderful Secret Pal for such a lovely gift this month! She sent us an adorable Baby Einstein book entitled Who Lives in the Pond. I love things from that company! It will be so much fun to read that to Jensen. Also we received a very cool box of magnetic animal toys by the Melissa and Doug compnay. I've bought a couple of puzzles from this same company. I absolutely love their items! It's like my Pal can read my mind! LOL And my personal favorite is a stuffed animal of Snoopy that is also a rattle. It's so sweet!

I just want to give a sincere thanks to my Secret Pal. You are so kind and generous to us every month. You have no idea how happy your gifts make us every month.

A million and one thanks to you!!!!


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