Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sept/Oct Thank you from the BeDells!

Hi Secret Pal,
I finally have the time to properly thank you and post pictures! You have been so sweet and thoughtful to us over the last several months. Thank you so much. My family really is enjoying being included. Rick loved the "Daddy" books (just like I loved the "Mommy" books!) And as usual, you go above and beyond the Secret Pal duty! :) We loved the touchy/feely books and I'm sure Marissa will love them too! And the boys have been loving their little extra gifts like the snakes, balls and boomerangs - all winners with them!
Then this month I was blown away as usual! Homemade chocolate Mooncakes in a beautiful fall themed basket with the poem about the Moon Festival in both English and Chinese! They were scrumptious! Both the basket and the lovely candle holder and candle are a centerpiece on my kitchen table, so every day I think of you! The boys loved the candy and the light-up pumpkin necklaces. Thanks for taking the time to make this wait bearable. You are truly a blessing.
Rachel BeDell (and Family!)


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