Saturday, January 06, 2007

Thanks Again To the Guschel's Secret Pal!

I'm so sorry that this post is late and that I am unable to post a picture at this time.
When I cleaned up before setting out all the Christmas decorations, I did so, so well that I can't find my digital camera cable. Ugh!!
My husband and I had agreed to open our December Secret Pal gifts on Christmas morning, which we did, and that made it all the more special.
Thank you so much!!
Our secret pal gave us multicolor stacking cups (that will be just perfect when we are in China) as well as "Shake, Rattle and Roll- multicolor and texture rattles.
Lastly, we received rings that are of different colors and textures that Renee can thread together in different orders, as well as chew on them if she so desires!!!
Secret Pal, please know that my husband John and I are so thankful for you and your thoughtfulness.
Please take good care in this new year!!!


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