Saturday, January 20, 2007

Thankyou to the O'Briens Wonderful Secret Pal

To our wonderful friend and secret pal

I would like to thankyou so much for the toys for Anisha. I know she will like them because mom sure did when she gave them a try :) and it was fun too! We received a beautiful Barbie doll which I went out and bought stands for to decorate the nursery. There are 3 shelves that my husband made especially for Anisha's Barbie dolls and this one will definately be added to those shelves. The nesting turtles are fun to play with and so will the stacking cups be. Great things to keep Anisha amuzed on the plane ride. The bear rattle is adorable and did you see the matching hair pretties? Ohhhh they are so sweet. The cutlery set is beautiful and will definately be put to good use when Anisha is eating. The card secret pal will be added to Anisha's scrapbook like each one is every month you send her a gift to remind her of the wonderful friend and secret pal she has!
Once again secret pal thankyou so much for your throughtfulness and generosity!


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