Sunday, March 04, 2007

And a Major Thanks for Our February Gifts!!!

Wow!!! Words cannot express how excited we were about our February gifts. You really outdid yourself! We were so surprised and pleased with EVERYTHING! I couldn't wait for John to get home, so I opened everything and then put it back in the box so John would feel like he was opening it when he got home.
I've said it before, but it's like you are reading my mind! Right before I got the package I had picked the exact same blanket up at the store and had been enjoying how soft it was--and one of my favorite colors. Then I found it in my box!
All the frogs were so adorable! Disco frogs! The first thing John said was, "I hope we can change the batteries!" aka, "We'll probably run the batteries down before that baby gets a chance to play with them." We've never seen anything like it! And the bathtub frogs are already gracing the babies bathroom.
The picture of John with the doll shows his sad face that he gets when he really misses the baby. The doll is so soft and cute!
I love music and Baby Einstein! Being a teacher, I like all the Baby Einstein stuff.
And what a cute sweater! I plan on having little outfits for all the holidays!
Thank you for being so generous, and once again, for having such great taste! We would be great shopping buddies!


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