Sunday, May 06, 2007

Thanks SP!

Sorry for the belated thank you, I have misplaced our camera and really wanted to be able to take a photo of my great gift for everyone to see. Sadly, my words alone will have to do the job for now. This month I received three photo albums which are something I always need. I currently have over 100 pictures waiting to be printed off ! I also got some great magnetic frame things - 2 which hold a single photo (my niece and 2 nephews are now smiling down at me from the fridge!) and a really fun one which has letters cut out to spell the word Family. Asher quickly decided that we would put a photo of myself, daddy, Asher, Abi and Baby Xiao Xiao in it. When he realised there would be one letter left over he decided his favourite cat (of our 3) could take that place! Finally I received a key ring with a place to slot a photo in. I think I will keep this in a safe place ready to pop in a copy of Xiao Xiao's referral photo.
Thanks SP!


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