Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Leilani McMillin (and her parents) have a NEW secret pal!

My DH took me out for the first time today since my foot surgery last week. We checked our mailbox and there were TWO packages; one from my NEW secret pal and one from the lovey swap. The box from my new SP was wrapped in brown paper and tied with pink twine, it was so pretty, I didn’t want to open it, but I managed to gather the strength to cut the twine and see the beautifully chosen gifts inside! First, a card with a miniature comfort blanket attached, called a noonoo. The card read “a little handful of snuggle comfort for a special little person…my eyes started to well up with tears dreaming about our sweet little girl. The noonoo is so cute, it has an embroidered child’s drawing in the center and has a variety of ribbons, tags and textures, a little handful of love for Leilani. Then, there was a little asian looking doll with an extra outfit, a Polly Pockets doll (my Sunday school kids at church LOVE these), a shirt (says 09 Haulers) and socks for soccer (in case she likes both dolls and sports) and a cute fish magnet for her beachy themed room. We are so lucky to have you Mr. and Mrs. SP! Thank you for your thoughtfulness, generosity and perfect timing! I can not express how grateful we are for you! I can not wait to see Leilani in her soccer shirt, dragging around her doll by the hair!


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