Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thank you to the Culp's New Secret Pal!

Well, I have another incredible Secret Pal! We received the beautiful Mulan doll and a Dora the Explorer China doll. I opened the box and said "Oh, a Disney Asian doll!" And then my 5 yr old informed me that she was Mulan. And then asked if she could keep her in her room "high on a shelf and I'll never touch her, I promise." No deal, kiddo. The Dora doll has a cute pink outfit and even comes with a glow in the dark friendship bracelet--so, so cute! Thank you so much, Secret Pal! After we put the gifts away in Baby Sister's closet, I took my kids out for ice cream. How's that for parenting skills?

Now, I have finally bought a new computer and will attempt to post pictures. I'm embarrassed to tell you how old my old one was, so I won't. Thank you again! Oh, and your note was lovely--a poem, no less. Yes, a poem with a clue inside. A very tiny clue, but still a clue nonetheless. Who might you be???




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